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Take a look at some of our amazing Alumni.  Click below for their articles, bios and more.  You can reach out on our Contact Us page, if you have a question.


Our Alumni

Trevor Campbell

Masters in Education


Graduated in 2018

Ariel Mercedes

Bachelors of Science


Graduated in 2015

Jose Moran

PHD in Math


Graduated in 2017

Notable Alumni

Jaiden Warner (2020)

Camilo Smith (2019)

Patrick Stevens (2018)

Norma Frasier (2018)

Peter Clark (2017)

Lisa Ortiz (2017)

Isiah Golding (2016)

Stephen Thomas (2015)

Danny Malcom (2014)

Tracy Henkins (2013)

Maria Obrermo (2013)

Oscar Rentin (2012)

Willie Lydge (2012)

Alumni Highlight


Staying Positive by 

Chanel Williams

Written by Mott Hall Alumni, Staying Positive is a story

about keep your confidence and strength when

your facing hard times in School & Life.  Click

below to read the full article.

Alumni Highlight


My Journey by 

Jose Dejesus

My journey is a story about Jose Dejesus.  Read all about his journey as a student, his methods for staying calm under pressure and more.  Click

below to read the full article.

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