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Board of Trustees Member Spotlight.

Dr. Patrick Awosogba



Dr. Patrick Awosogba is a highly-regarded urban public school educator who has worked with students in economically disadvantaged districts in New York City for over thirty five years. Principal Awosogba identifies himself as an educator at heart. He taught Social Studies for nine years in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. He spent fourteen additional years in Brooklyn working as an assistant principal and director of a suspension site for districts 17, 18 and 22. He is the founding principal of Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy which replaced the Roberto Clemente Middle School, a low-performing school in need of improvement.


Through his strong system for effective school leadership, Dr. Awosogba has closed the achievement gap from 6% & 8% in English Language Arts and Math at X166 to 50% and 51% respectively. Today, Mott Hall Science & Tech Academy is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) school; an AVID certified school twice recognized by New York State Department of Education for high performance


Dr. Patrick Awosogba has been recognized for his exemplary support of his staff, students and his effectiveness at closing achievement gaps. For this feat, Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy has received proclamations from the New York City Council as well as the New York State Assembly.

Dr. A earned his B.A. degree in Economics from York College where he completed a four year college program in two years Cum Laude. He went on to obtain his MBA in Economic Theory and MsEd. in Education Administration from St. John’s University and Baruch College respectively. Dr. Awosogba is listed in “Omicron Delta Epsilon” for exemplary performance as a graduate student of Economics at St. John’s University, New York.


He also holds a Doctoral Degree in School Admin & Supervision from Nova South Eastern University. Dr. Awosogba is the recipient of several awards including the New York City Department of Education “Equity in Leadership” as well as several parent leadership recognitions in Districts 9 and 17.

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