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NYSED Privacy Requirements

Parents Bill of Rights

Mott Hall Charter School is committed to protecting our Student’s data. Read the Parents Bill of Rights for more details concerning your child’s data.

Parents Bill of Rights Supplemental Information

Supplemental information to the PBOR for 3rd Party Contractors can be found here.

File a Complaint

You may file a complaint using this form.  A complaint may be made by a Parent of a Student, a Student who is at least 18 years of age, Principals, Teachers, and Employees of an Educational Agency.

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NYSED Resources

Re-opening Plan for 2021-2022

Mott Hall Charter School is committed to providing equity through our Re-opening Plan, Click Here to access our  Re-Opening Plan for 2021-2022.


New York State Education Department Guidance (NYSED) click HERE


Contact Tracing: Mott Hall Charter School  will work with the NYS Department of Health and local department of health centers to alert them when a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19. Mott Hall Charter School  will follow protocols as set forth at NYS Contact Tracing. Mott Hall Charter School commits to maintaining accurate student and staff records (including updated contact information) to assist with any necessary contact tracing. 

COVID-19 Testing - Statement on Staff and Student Covid Testing, click Here

Click on Each Topic to See Mott Hall's Re-Opening Procedures Created In Alignment With the NYSED Guidance Released on 7/16/20

New York State ESSA-Funded Programs Complaint Procedures

Below is the process for resolving complaints submitted to the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) Office of ESSA-Funded Programs alleging that a local educational agency (LEA), grantee or NYSED has violated a law, rule, or regulation in the administration of any “covered Federal program” under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) identified below.


These procedures offer parents and other stakeholders a process to file complaints and allow for the timely resolution of such complaints. Complaints filed against a local entity such as a school district, charter school, or grantee will be reviewed by NYSED's Office of ESSA-Funded Programs. Complaints filed against NYSED will be reviewed by NYSED's legal counsel.  Click the button below to go directly to the NYSED page.

Updated Reopening Plan - To be Posted Week of October 26.  Click on below headings to view updated policies and procedures for reopening.


Safety and Health




Social Emotional Well Being

School Schedules

Budget and Fiscal

Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

Technology and Connectivity

Teaching and Learning

Special Education

Bilingual Education and World Languages

Staffing and Human Resources


 Click for Covid Resources:  CDC    NYCDOH 

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NYC DOE Charter Resources

Regional Recreation Centers (RECs):  In order to successfully fight COVID-19, our first responders, health care providers, transit workers, and other key personnel must be able to come to work. That is why we have created Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs)—places where the children of these front-line workers can be safely cared for while their parents continue to serve the city in this time of need.


Staffed by DOE employees and community-based organization partners, the centers will provide children with three hot meals daily, remote learning time with their teachers, activities like art and music, and social and emotional support. Regional Enrichment Centers will be available citywide. Eligible parents can complete the survey here:


New Parent Resources Regarding Learning Platforms:

Click Here for Google Meet Information

Click Here for Microsoft Teams Information 


NYSED Disclosure

NYSED Required Posted Resources & Notifications. 


  • 2020-21 Annual Report, click Here

  • 2019-20 Annual Report, click Here

  • NYSED Mott Hall Charter School Report Cards, click Here

  • Student Handbook & Code of Conduct - Click Here

NYSED School

Report Cards

New York State

DASA Policy 

FOIL Request &

FOIL Request Policy 

FOIL Subject

Matter List  

Find important Mott Hall State Reporting information here.

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