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Why Mott Hall Charter School?

At Mott Hall Charter School we believe that in order to be successful we must provide a holistic educational experience, tending to the developing mind, body, and character of each young scholar. Only in this way will we be preparing leaders for the 21st century.


We don't merely address content, but the whole child, focusing on developing key elements simultaneously to create growth & confidence in our Students.

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Applications are now open for the
2024-2025 School Year.

Studying in Groups

The Mott Hall Difference.

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100% High School acceptance

School year of 180+ instructional days

Average class size of 25 Students

Student to Teacher ratio of 13:1

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Speak with an Enrollment Counselor today!

Our friendly Enrollment Counselors can answer all of your questions and help fast track your application to Mott Hall.  They can also give you a virtual tour of our classrooms and great tips for the application process.

Schedule your virtual meeting using the button below.


Each year Mott Hall Charter School accepts middle school students eligible to enroll in New York City schools, with admissions preference given to students residing in Community School District 9, where the school is located.


All applicants must be residents of New York State at the time of application and must be able to demonstrate residency through proper identification.

Our programs include access to community-based organizations focused on mentoring and college, adult civics classes, adult ESL classes, after school and Saturday tutoring, engaging online platforms to increase student learning , music classes, and softball & basketball.

Sport Stadium

We offer a variety of Championship Winning Sports Programs.

Our Sports Programs are designed to challenge our Scholars mentally, physically and emotionally.  Our Scholars gain confidence of mind and body while being supported by our caring and encouraging Coaches with many decades of experience. 


Click the button below to find all the details on our Sports Programs

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Mott Hall offers several Championship winning Sports Programs in Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Flag Football, Co-ed Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Cross Country and Track & Field.

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The Mott Hall Advantage


Small Class Sizes


Student Focused Learning


School Scholarships

Check out or Admissions Flyer below.

Admissions Flyer

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Need to speak with a human?  Call us directly at (718) 991-9139.

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