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Our Mission


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The mission of the Mott Hall Charter School is to prepare our scholars in mind, body, and character to succeed in top high schools, colleges, and careers by becoming inquisitive, open-minded, and compassionate citizens of the world.

  • Help scholars & teachers journey to academic & emotional growth

  • Create a nurturing community of teachers, staff, scholars & families

  • Empower educators & facilitators of growth

  • Guidance & community that provides the support people need to thrive

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School Notebook

Academic Approach


We are the teachers our scholars at the Mott Hall Charter School have been looking for; we teach for the 21st Century. Our education program is grounded in evidence-based research, providing optimal educational benefits to our scholars.

All teachers receive training in six core components of Mott Hall’s 21st century approach to teaching.

Our Core Values


Taking ownership of one's choices.

  • Self-Control

  • Organization

  • Community Membership


Doing the right thing with sincerity.

  • Keeping Commitments

  • Behaving Appropriately

  • Personal Integrity


Performing at one's personal academic best.

  • Achievement

  • Critical Thinking

  • Academic Pride


Giving one's all in everything one does.

  • Hard Work

  • Persistence

  • Perseverance

School corridor

Our Approach


At MHCS we believe that in order to be successful we must provide a holistic

educational experience, tending to the developing mind, body, and character

of each young scholar. Only in this way will we be preparing leaders for the 21st

century. We don't merely address content, but the whole child, focusing on

developing each of these key elements simultaneously.

Mott Hall Charter School Logo


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Mott Hall Charter School offers a rigorous academic program grounded in the International
Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. This approach provides a student-centered and inquiry-based learning experience that strives to make learning engaging, relevant, and connected to a global context.  

Scholars are required to take three years of foreign language, coursework in the arts, and have the opportunity for Regents level classes in mathematics and science in 8th grade. All Mott Hall classes integrate technology and utilize elements of the AVID College and Career Readiness program to provide scholars with the organizational, time management, and study skills they need to succeed.


School Kids

Middle School Scholars are in a critical time for their physical health and development. They are full of energy, beginning to experience significant changes to their bodies, and are gaining more independence in making choices for themselves.  In our efforts to curb the rate of childhood obesity in our community and to create healthy citizens, Mott Hall has a no sugar or high fructose corn syrup policy on our campus. All scholars take physical education and health class each week including instruction in sexual health.


Under the guidance of a skilled coaching staff, Mott Hall offers a wide variety of after-school athletic clubs and teams for both boys and girls including soccer, flag football, basketball and more.  These opportunities not only help our scholars stay healthy they also provide college-bound skills.


Art Class

RISE Core Values

Through our core values, we teach our scholars the character skills to overcome the obstacles they face to be successful in life.  These core values are Responsibility, Integrity, Scholarship, and Excellence. Scholars are introduced to these attributes from the moment they walk through our door and our values are reinforced throughout their time at Mott Hall through our school culture, our RISE Incentive Program, and our school affirmation.


Teaching Good Choices

Our behavior and discipline approach provides an age-appropriate response to scholar misbehavior. We set firm limits for acceptable behavior and help teach scholars to make the right choices for themselves. When they do not, we provide additional opportunities for them to practice the skills they need in both small group and one-on-one settings.


School Uniform

To foster a learning community free of distraction Mott Hall upholds a strict uniform policy. The policy is strictly enforced, with scholars expected to be in full uniform whenever they are on school grounds. Amendments to the uniform are only allowed for medical or religious reasons.  Wearing our uniform each day reflects all four of our school’s core values of responsibility, integrity, scholarship, and excellence.

  • Mott Hall button down or polo shirt

  • Mott Hall cardigan sweater or sweatshirt

  • Khaki Pants with a brown or black belt

  • Solid color socks

  • Black sneakers or shoes (sneakers must be 80% black)

Learner Profiles


Each student gets a learner profile, and each learner profile has 10 attributes.

The IB Middle Years Program (ages 11-16) allows students to:


  • Build on personal strengths

  • Embrace challenges in subjects they don’t excel in

  • Develop their potential

  • Explore their own learning preferences

  • Take appropriate risks

  • Develop and reflect on strong sense of identity

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