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Below you can find recent testimonials from Parents.  If you'd like to submit a Testimonial, you can email it to or reach us on our Contact page.

You can reach us via phone at 718-991-9139.

We are located at:


Mott Hall Charter School

1260 Franklin Ave

Bronx NY 10456


Recent Testimonials

S.R. (Parent)

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Mott Hall has been family to me since the day my daughters came to the school. I love the staff.

Everyone has been so positive and always wanting to help with anything.

I will forever be grateful and I will always be there for them!”

M.G. (Parent)

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Thank you so much for the lovely card. It made me smile. I had a hard month, my son Max went in for surgery and your card made me smile.



I told you over and over: You are Amazing!”

J.D. (Parent)

I really appreciate you guys.

I truly love this school, I tell my friends and family members about Mott Hall!

You Guys Are Awesome!“

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T.M. (Parent)

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When we first moved to the area and didn't know anyone, this staff was truly welcoming. They cared about more than just the kids attending , but also cared about things outside of school. 


Extremely attentive and trustworthy. Best staff ever!“

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More Testimonials

"First, I love how they refer to their students as "Scholars", the support given to each student is above and beyond. Even during remote learning. My scholar developed a level of confidence that I did not see throughout her elementary years. She was given the opportunity to be a peer counselor and loved it. The monthly RISE ceremony is another great thing, the incentives given for doing the right thing as well as getting good grades is building them up for the future as well. 

Hard work and dedication is something these Scholars will take with them into their future. Thank you!"

LS. (Parent)

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"This School is super involved with the students education by helping them with after school studies. They reach out to parents with ways to help the students even at late evening hours. I can always text, call or email teachers with any questions I may have about my kid school work and get a response in a timely manner. They understand and are willing to help with any needs the parent will have( food or clothing) to help the students. I’m super happy my kid was accepted to a school where the teachers go out of their way to help their students. 

Great school!"

N.W. (Parent)

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